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Street and Stage Perfomer

 I love playing ego and insecurity combined.

Jim Carrey


My art comes from thoughts, feelings and extreme dedication. Take a look below at some of my news projects.
I am available for private performances, special events, festivals and more. Contact me to find out more about my rates and availability.

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I was born on April 25, 1983 in Italy, at the age of 18 I started wandering in the squares and in the streets doing the first steps of what would become my job.    
In search of training and more tools to perfect my work, in 2007 I began to attend Philip Radice's Atelier Physical Theater in Turin where I study mime and theater. In the following years I have performed in several festivals around the world, I've acted in movies (with my dog) and TV shows, I have worked with big circuses and in the Carnival of Venice.

I have lived for 13 years in Turin, in Italy, where I managed "SLIP", a gym-theater for performing arts, in collaboration with other artists.

I'm now ready with my new show: Talchè!

I like music, especially the hip hop genre: I'm a DJ and music producer by passion.


With these pictures I would like to tell the story of some of my past projects, experiences and characters. You can see the details by scrolling over each photograph.

foto profilo 8.jpeg
One of the Beat Brothers..Me!
One of the Beat Brothers..Me!
Vampire Horror Mix
Vampire Horror Mix
Vampire Horror Mix
Jesus Superstar
Jesus Superstar
Disc Dog Freestyle
Bea DJ


The part of the world that my work

has allowed me to discover.

The marked locations represent

the most important festivals I've worked at.


I hope to discover as much of it again!

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