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Locandina Talchè 2023.png

..Visual Comedy.. 

Talchè which means "here he is" in some Italian dialects..


 An enigmatic character with dark overtones who transforms himself into a wandering entertainer in the streets of the city.

With hilarious pranks and a mysterious gaze, he enchants all passers-by, from curious children to romantic couples, sharing his outlandish dreams and unique skills.

This strange character detects the beauty hidden in simplicity, the unexpected becomes the norm, and the audience is invited to dream and laugh together, proving that even a sombre soul can provide sparkling and... fiery laughter!

Technical chart:

  • Stage: 4 X 4 meters

  • Duration: ~45 min

  • Set up time: 15 min

  • Technical requirements: good scene lighting for the evening​

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